• As with most land investors, we didn’t start our careers in land investing. In fact, we didn’t even really know what land investing was. My husband was working in construction while I took the corporate route. Eventually, I joined him in construction which kept us busy and always on the move. Traveling nonstop for work allowed us to tour the US in our beloved travel trailer. We loved it so much we lived out of it full time for 8 years! During that time, we found a piece of land to call our own. Owning and brainstorming all the different things we could do with our land is what ultimately led us to the land investing business. We knew it was the business for us when our customers would tell us about all the plans they had dreamed up for their land and we would be just as excited as they were. Here at Lifetime Land USA, we are committed to helping people find the land that fits their needs and dreams. Helping others find their dream property is something we plan on doing the rest of our lives because we love it and it’s something we are passionate about!

Lifetime Land USA’s Promise to you:

Embedded in our culture and reflected in every transaction is our commitment to happy
landowners. This is backed by our ninety-day hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. If you get
to the piece of land you financed with us and it just doesn’t feel right, we’ll refund you the
money and buy the property back from you… no questions asked. Alternatively—our more
popular solution is to use those funds to help you find a property that checks every one of your